19+ Advanced Learner Loan helps people over the age of 19 study for a variety of Level 3, 4 and 5 courses without the upfront cost.


The government’s 19+ Advanced Learner Loan scheme is for people over 19 years of age who wish to further their education and make it more affordable. This is brilliant news for anyone wishing to become a fully qualified therapist or manager without an upfront cost. This incentive enables you to study a course straight away and we have a range of 19+ Advanced Learner Loan courses for you to choose from.

Key Information

  • No credit checks required.
  • You will only pay back the loan when earning over £25,725.
  • Your household income is not taken into account.
  • If your course starts on or after 1st August 2018 then the good news is, you can apply for up to FOUR loans at the same time. Our 19+ Advanced Learner Loans courses include the Level 3 Diploma Beauty in Therapy, Massage or Management Training plus a large range of other courses under this funding.


To be eligible for one of our 19+ Advanced Learner Loans courses you must:

  • be starting your course on or after 1st August 2018.
  • be 19 years of age and over (There’s no upper age limit).
  • living in the UK, Channel Islands or Isle of Man for 3 years before starting the course.
  • be a UK national or have ‘settled’ status (This means there are no restrictions on how long you can stay).

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What to consider

  • All information regarding the 19+ Advanced Learner Loans.
  • You can get impartial finance advice from ‘ The Money Advice Service‘.
  • Check you have understood the repayment structure.
  • Before applying you will need a course offer letter from Abacus Training Group which includes the course code.

How much are my repayments?

  • Monthly repayments are based on your salary income (If over £25,725).
  • You’ll repay 9% of your income above the £25,725 annual threshold.
  • Example payments would be:
    • £9 per month – If you earned £27,000 per year
    • £28 per month – If you earned £29,500 per year

How do I pay back the loan?

  • HM Revenue and Customs collect loan repayments from employers through the UK tax system.
  • If your income falls below the threshold then payments will stop until you are above the threshold again.
  • You can make voluntary repayments at any time in order to pay off your loan(s) more quickly.
  • After 30 years any remaining loan balance is written off.

Will there be any interest on my loan?

See below a table which shows how interest is calculated:

  • While you’re studying and until the April after you complete or leave the course, whichever comes first.:
    • Retail Price Index (RPI) plus 3%
  • From the April after you finish or leave your course (Interest will be based on your income):
    • £25,725 or less – RPI.
    • £25,726 – £46,305 – RPI plus up to 3%, depending on income.
    • £46,305 and over – RPI plus 3%.

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